New Bakery Items

Happy Spring Everyone! 
I am so excited for some actual Spring weather to come, but I’m even more excited that we have some amazing NEW items in our bakery that I want to introduce! Drum roll please… 

Cinnamon Buttercream Pull-A-Parts – Our famous cinnamon roll recipe, shaped into a pull-a-part sequence of 8 parts. They are lightly sprayed with apricot glaze to give it a shiny look, topped with our buttercream icing then delicately placed with pecan pieces.

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Pull-A-Parts – Our famous cinnamon roll recipe, shaped into a pull-a-part sequence of 8 parts. They are lightly sprayed with apricot glaze to give it a shiny look, topped with our cream cheese icing then delicately placed with pecan pieces.

Carmel Rolls – A rich caramel smear loaded with pecan pieces is a perfect way to top off our caramel rolls. They’ll be a new favorite at your Sunday brunch.  

Cran-Oatmeal Cookies – An alternative to the traditional oatmeal cookie, try our cran-oatmeal cookie. These cookies add a bit of color and have a slight tang from the cranberries.

Banana with White Chocolate Cookies – Not only for banana lovers. This has a whole grain taste with the delicious flavor of banana and each bite is loaded with decadent white chocolate chunks.

Sea Salt Caramel Cookies – A rich pecan shortbread cookie topped with the perfect blend of chocolate, buttery caramel and a hint of sea salt. This is a bake shoppe office favorite.

Brownie Crisp Cookies – Chocolate lovers are sure to love these brownie crispy cookies.  They’re a great addition to any dessert table when entertaining.

Kitchen Sink Cookies – Perfectly thin kitchen sink crisp cookies have the perfect crunch for people who prefer a crispy cookie. These cookies have rolled oats, chocolate chips, raisins, butterscotch chips and much more. Yum!!

Almond Crisp Cookies – These almond crispy cookies are for all the almond lovers out there! The perfect cookie to have with your morning coffee. 

Chocolate Cherry Bread – Made with dark cocoa powder, loaded with dark chocolate chunks and dark tart cherries. Add a layer of cream cheese & top with fresh cut strawberries for a sweet treat. 

Sunny Sunflower Bread – Made with sunflower flour and mixed with sunflowers. Then topped with sunflower seeds for a satisfying crunch. Tastes great for any kind of sandwich or lightly buttered and toasted in the morning.

Whole Wheat Short French Bread – A healthier, whole wheat version of our fan favorite short french bread. Goes great with Italian dishes as well as your favorite dips.

Semolina Fennel Raisin Bread – Created with 3 different flours including the semolina specific flour. This bread adds a unique flavor that will enhance any Panini.

When you’re in our stores make sure to stop by the Bakery Department and sample some of these awesome new products. Enjoy!!

Coborn’s, Inc. Merchandising Specialist Team Manager – Bakery & Deli
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New Gluten Free M&M Cookies in the Bakery!

New: Gluten Free M&M Cookies

Since the Coborn’s Gluten Free Bakery launched this past August 2015, dozens of new, delicious and fresh products have been released from the facility located in the heart of Minnesota. This St. Cloud facility is in a completely separate bakery from Coborn’s conventional bakery to ensure zero cross contamination with gluten containing ingredients. This spring the Gluten Free Bakery staff has been hard at it again, and this time they have a new mouthwatering cookie to show for their efforts.

Brand new to the Gluten Free Bakery scene are Coborn’s first ever Gluten Free M&M Cookies. Not only are these cookies entirely Gluten Free to ensure safety of guests, they also feature hand dipped M&M’s and are made fresh to ensure guests are purchasing the best tasting cookies possible. Want to know the best part? After being tested by multiple M&M Cookie fanatics, there is virtually no taste difference between these Gluten Free M&M Cookies and the traditional Gluten Containing M&M Cookies from the Coborn’s Bakery.

After research and feedback from guests, Coborn’s realized the growing need for a Gluten Free facility in the central Minnesota area thatNew: Gluten Free M&M Cookies offers products that are fresh, and not frozen like the majority of Gluten Free products on the market. Once Coborn’s realized the great need in the area for Gluten Free Bakery goods, they went hard to work crafting the products that tens of thousands of Midwestern families now know, love and purchase on a consistent basis. Ensuring the products taste good is just half the battle for the Coborn’s Gluten Free Bakery, because in addition to fresh and great tasting products, they also want to ensure the safety of their guests. Coborn’s recognizes the detrimental effects that even the slightest level of gluten can be for guests. For that reason they are taking additional safety precautions to ensure that the Gluten Free title holds true for each and every product that leaves the bakery facility and ships to all Coborn’s locations throughout the midwest each and every morning.

Not Gluten Intolerant, but still want to try the great products? Choose from decadent sugared cake, donuts or muffins in a variety of flavors, hamburger and hotdog buns to accompany grilling season favorites, and delightful bars, cupcakes and cookies for all occasions. The Coborn’s Gluten Free Bakery section has something to delight all taste buds – whether you have a Gluten Intolerance or not. As the kickoff to summer takes place there are multiple picnics, graduation parties and other family or friend get togethers that you are sure to be attending. Before heading out for your weekend getaway pick up a package of our brand new and delicious Gluten Free M&M Cookies. Not only are they safe for Gluten Intolerant guests, but they are also truly delicious!

Marshmallow Flowers

Marshmallow Flowers

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Ashley M.

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